Hello, we are Maria en Danny Galjaard and lives in Pijnacker - Holland. Our passion for the French bulldog dates from 1999, the year in which we bought our first French bulldog “Bowy”. We are especially attracted to their looks, character, boisterousness and focus on people. It was love at first sight from day 1 and ever since it’s become an important part of our family and lives. After a couple of years we decided to commit ourselves to make a positive contribution to the health, exterior and well being of this breed.

From 2003 up until 2006 I’ve been actively involved in the Hollandse Bulldoggen Club, the only legitimate club for the French bulldog breed in The Netherlands. I was resposible for Public Relations and the club’s website.
In 2004 I passed the exams for KK 1 and in 2006 I’ve started KK 2. At the end of 2004 our request for a kennel name was awarded by the Dutch Kennelclub. Our kennel name is “Beau Mystique’s”, subscription number 263716.
At this moment we are the happy owners of 5 Bully ladies and 2 Bully gentlemen. More information and pictures of them can be found on this website. With these ladies we hope to start realising our passion, breeding beautiful, healthy and lovely French bulldogs.
Our bulldogs live in the house, they can often be found lounging on our couch. We take them for long walks in the woods or on the beach so they can play with each other of with other dogs.
You can also find us at national and international dog shows where our ladies regularly get excellent results. Our dogs enjoy the attention they get on these shows and we are proud to show them. Also it’s nice to talk to other breeders, owners and interested public. Most important for us is that our dogs are having fun. You’re welcome to come over and talk to us whenever you see us at a show nearby.


Every now and then we hope to breed a litter. Pups will only be avialable for serieusly interested persons. It’s my opinion that’s it’s my duty as a breeder to find a good home for our puppies. So we consider it most important to meet potential buyers in person, also bcause then we are able to inform you about the characteristics of the French bulldog. In that way, both parties can be sure to make the right decision.


Phone : 0031 (0)15 -2127128 / 06 -14322790
Email  : info@beau-mystiques.nl

We hope you will enjoy surfing through our website .
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